ELM-PT is a new label founded in 2018 in Amsterdam by Ailene van Elmpt. Elegantly understated, ELM-PT (pronounced Elmt) began with the premise of pure emotion and a desire to create clothes free from restriction, empowering movement and exploring contemporary silhouettes for the everyday.

Van Elmpt’s signature lies in blending deconstructed tailoring with a nod to boyish and utilitarian detailing. Clothes for a way of life, sans artifice, that form the basis of a modern wardrobe. Crafted from exceptional natural fabrics and sewn in ateliers instead of factories, the nonchalant attitude of the aesthetic belies the uncompromising quality of each design.

Inspired by the effortless vibe of 90’s Los Angeles, van Elmpt cut her teeth at Alexander Wang and Ronald van der Kemp before launching her namesake label.